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parziale [Dec. 7th, 2004|08:00 pm]
[mood |drained3:30am comes early]
[music |tv noise]

i wish i could live friday over and over again...i love spending time with parz. our conversations are the craziest, his friends are the craziest, and we always have a blast! i love it. so i think we're doing it again this weekend, but in LA, he feels more at home there. Limo, again? hehehe.
p.s. i hate losing money, but i made up for it by chugging those bottles of champagne with parz...good times!

so he didn't even mention me (for all everyone knows his three month drought is just adding up the days), at first i didn't know what to think but we cleared that up on the phone last night, i think. it doesn't matter, i just want to have fun. it seems as though some people don't know how to do that a lot, or they are held back by something that they can't control. it sucks, but they find their way...right now, for me, i'm living life...and you aren't holding me back anymore!!

ugh....when will the weekend be here!?!